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You can have this game ready to play in ten minutes or less! We played this on Thursday and when students walked in, I heard, “Yes, we’re playing this again!

Step 1: Take a large piece of paper, fold it in half and in half again. Then trace your lines with a dark marker to make the coordinate plane. I added in an asymptote and a growth function; however, you don’t need these.


Step 2:  Post problems around your classroom – I chose this option so students were up and moving. I just wrote them on paper (not typed) and taped them to my wall. You could also have them working off a worksheet, type problems on a Google Document and post it to your LMS (Edmodo, Google Classroom, etc).


Step 3: Students will solve problems (we used mini-white boards but they could have just used paper). Mine worked in their groups of 3-4. Once they solved a problem, they checked in with me. If it was correct, they were able to take a piece of paper to the large graph. They taped to any of the quadrants, the asymptote or the growth function. If you don’t want to draw a graph, you could also have them tape to the axes. I had some groups with the same color paper so they wrote their names on them. You could also give each group a different shape if you wanted to use just white paper.


Step 4: I stopped with 5 minutes left in the period, had students finish solving their current problem, check it with me and tape up their last paper. On post-its, I had written 100, 1000, 5000, 10000, -1000, and -5000. We randomly drew to see the point value for each location they could have taped. Groups tallied up their points and I had a small prize for the winners.


Students will strategize: I had some groups only tape to one location and I had others tape everywhere or two locations. The more problems they solve, the more chances they have to tape a piece for their team so it really motivates them to work efficiently.


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