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I love card games. I grew up playing Euchre and now enjoy playing crazy 8’s, Uno and Go Fish with my kids. I modified the game Uno to play with polynomial vocabulary.

Here are the rules to the game:

  • Put students into groups of 2-4.

  • Deal 5 cards to each player.

  • Give each group a different colored deck (if possible).


These are my desks which I made on different colored paper and will laminate.

  • IMG_3451


  • Monomial = Draw 1, Binomial = Draw 2, Trinomial (not pictured) = draw 3, and polynomial = wild


  • The cards shown above y8, b20, and x5 are reverse cards.

  • Students can play monomials on top of each other shown in the right picture or they can change to a binomial or trinomial if the cards have the same variables shown on the left.

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