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How to run this activity in your class? I purchased a treasure chest; however, you could just print one from Google Images or project one on your smart board.

Treasure chest

Next, I purchased two locks with 3 number combinations. Mine were two of the ones shown below: I locked one through the treasure chest and one through the other lock.


We are currently working on factoring. Here is a sample from my activity. Want activities like this sent to you every week? Join our mailing list! Click Now.

Give them a problem set:

  • Factor out the GCF:  14x³ – 2x² + 8x  and g^4 + 24g³+12g²+4g
  • Students will show you the work for the problem above.
  • Next give them a decoder clue to use with their answer from the problem above.
  • Decoder Clue – Add the coefficients together from the GCF from problem set #1. This is the first number in the combination.
  • Give them the next problem set.
  • Give them the next decoder clue.
  • Repeat steps until they have the combinations for both locks.

Once they crack the treasure chest, have a prize in their or you could write a note, “I hope you had fun. Your prize is the joy of learning!”

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